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About FTA

We are a Coverholder at Lloyd’s providing a broad range of insurances for the Australian market.
Don’t forget to check out the Our People page to find out about the FTA team. They can’t wait to talk to you!

Christian Garling

Managing Director

Christian has worked in the insurance industry for over 25 years, he was the founder of the Australian operations of a New York Stock Exchange listed insurance company. Christian loves doing deals to support his brokers. If you have something on your mind give him a call and he will give you an answer on the spot.
Christian is married with two kids. Most weekends he can be found actively involved in his kids’ sport or working, either here at FTA, or around the house. We can’t stop him…. Christian loves being busy!

D: 02 9003 1661
M: 0452 021 802
E: christian@ftainsurance.com.au

Lewis Patton

Co-founder, National Underwriter and Cyber Liability Manager

Lewis has over 10 years experience as an underwriter and broker. Lewis is well known in the industry as being single minded in his pursuit of getting results for his brokers and their clients. Lewis’ experience includes Global risks, Small to Medium Enterprise risks and complex risks. There is not a risk that he can’t talk to you about …. just ask him!

Lewis’ wife has recently had their second child. So Lewis doesn’t sleep … ring him anytime!

D: 02 9003 1662
M: 0414 048 144
E: lewis@ftainsurance.com.au

Melissa Mudge

Claims Manager

Melissa has worked in insurance claims for over 15 years, for insurance companies, a Lloyd’s of London syndicate, brokers and as a lawyer. Melissa is very well known and respected in the industry for her work on both large and small claims, she puts the same effort into both. Melissa enjoys being involved in the detail of your claim and is able to focus on you to the exclusion of everything else …. much to the annoyance of her family!

D: 02 9003 1660
E: claims@ftainsurance.com.au

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