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We are driven to provide financial lines insurance solutions specifically designed for professionals, managers and the liability of companies.


FTA provide limits up to $20m costs in addition with a full civil liability insuring clause along with Extended Continuous Coverage and Difference in Condition and Difference in Limits. FTA also have a long list of extensions that ensure coverage for the insured is maximised.


Our combined PI & GL policy is perfect for smaller consultants, white collar labour hire companies or registered training organisations as it provides all the benefits of both covers in one policy. Policy limits up to $20m are available and nil excesses can be provided.


FTA are a leading insurer of IT risks with a very broad product. We provide limits up to $20m costs in addition with a full civil liability insuring clause along with ECC and DIL/DIC. We also have a long list of extensions that ensure coverage for the insured is maximised.


FTA have one of the broadest Cyber policies in the market. The definitions in the FTA wording are all encompassing and don’t contain the limitations that others do. The policy is also modular so covered can be customised to suit the insured’s business profile.


FTA’s association’s liability for not for profit entities provides protection for the office bearers and the entity. The levels of cover are adjustable to suit the level of exposure of the insured. Find out more by clicking on the link below.


FTA focuses of white collar industries as the blue collar industries are too exposed to workplace injuries. FTA can provide tailored solutions to each industry which allow them to be written on a sustainable basis for the long term.

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What our Brokers say

“It is so refreshing to do business with a partner that still has such a strong value on service, human relationships and actual underwriting rather than a standardised electronic one size fits all approach. Lewis, Christian and the team take the time to gather the relevant underwriting information the first time which enables them to underwrite risks based on the true exposures and common sense, not necessarily the “noise” coming from the market. This, combined with a can do approach and outstanding service levels and Fast Turn Around times drives win/win outcomes for both FTA and the insured as well as cementing us, the broker, as the clients the trusted advisor. It is without any hesitation I would recommend FTA to other brokers as a Financial Lines Underwriter of choice.“

Cameron McKerchar
Managing Director at Tudor Insurance Australia

“Christian has been a trusted and intelligent financial risk underwriter for many years and has in many ways shaped the professional indemnity industry in Australia. I have negotiated with him over many policies and facilities and his flexibility and willingness to listen has always been one important reason we do business together. Lewis has always impressed me with his sincerity, enthusiasm, intelligence, sense of humour and charm. We have found the team at FTA extraordinarily well suited to their role as Lloyd's agents, they offer flexibility, security, speed, attention to detail and are very keen to create mutually beneficial outcomes. A broker’s dream.”

Paul Ellison
Director of Australian Indemnity

“In the 13 years I have been working with Christian I have always received quick turn around on my quotes. Christian is known in the market for giving great service to everyone. Christian's pricing has always helped me win and retain accounts. I would recommend Christian to any other broker wanting a market who will support them.”

Mark Laudrum
Director of Ardrossan Insurance Brokers


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