Design & Construct

Completing the the Design and Construct proposal form can be challenging,
but we have tried to make this a lot easier for you with our D&C Proposal Instructions Form in the link below.
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Design & Construct Insurance

This Design and Construct (D&C) insurance policy is a Professional Indemnity insurance policy that provides essential financial protection for professionals in the building industry who perform a combination of physical construction or installation and design.

We have one of the broadest coverages on these risks!

Limits up to $20,000,000

Low Minimum Premiums

Civil Liability Insuring Clauses

Reinstatement of the Limit of Liability

Multiple Causes of Loss Cover

Proportionate Liability

Preferred Occupations

We offer Professional Indemnity insurance for a broad range of professionals including (but not limited to):

Residential Builders

Institutional Buildings (incl. schools)

Design and Manufacture Contractors

Multi Residential up to 7 Stories

Commercial Building

Excess Layers

Declined Occupations

Apart from our broad underwriting appetite, there are some occupations that we are unable to cover, including (but not limited to):

Engineers (any sort)


Pre-purchase Building Inspector

Sport Fields

Tunnels and Bridges

Material Processing



Marine, Wharves and Jetties

Sewage works

Waste to Energy projects


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