Excess Layers

We are a Coverholder at Lloyd’s providing a broad range of insurances for the Australian market.
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Excess Layer Insurance

Excess layer (aka Excess of Loss) insurance is when one insurer provides insurance for the first part of a claim/loss and then another insurer provides insurance for the next part of the claim/loss. The insurance for the “next part of the claim/loss” is referred to as the Excess Layer.

For example:

ABC Insurance provides a $5m limit but is unwilling to provide a higher limit

XYZ Insurance offers to provide the next $5m of insurance

If the Insured has a $6m claim then ABC pays $5m and XYZ pays $1m

FTA is able to provide excess layer insurance and has a follow form wording for use in such circumstances.

FTA provides excess layer insurance for:

Professional Indemnity
Management Liability
D&O Insurance – private companies only
Design & Construct
Information Technology

Our Appetite & Needs

To provide terms for Excess Layers, FTA requires a copy of the primary quote & the proposal form.
Additionally, the primary wording & financials are preferable.

Private company D&O

(Including Excess Layers for ML)

FTA can consider any attachment point for up to a $10 Million line size on an Excess Layer basis only. FTA also has a broad follow form wording and we are able to follow all major insurers and the majority of local underwriting agencies.

We are unable to provide Excess Layer D&O coverage for Financial Institutions, Publicly Listed companies – including Side C. We are also unable to provide coverage for primary D&O.

Professional Indemnity

FTA can consider most Professions on an Excess Layer basis. 

We are unfortunately not able to provide coverage for Solicitors, Valuers (for mortgage purposes), Financial Planners and Engineers.

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