Our Underwriting Appetite

We are a Coverholder at Lloyd’s providing a broad range of insurances for the Australian market.
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Why is an Underwriting Appetite important?

Collecting more in premiums than an insurer pays out in claims and expenses is the only way an insurer can continue to stay in business. To put it another way, the insurer (like any other business) must be profitable. The key to an insurer’s profitability is deciding which businesses to insure and this is referred to as its Underwriting Appetite.

FTA’s Underwriting Appetite is focused on minimising its portfolio’s exposure to catastrophic claims. FTA does this to ensure its profitability and its ability to continue to provide the most competitive premiums and broadest coverage for its chosen insureds.

FTA has the best and most profitable Lloyd’s capacity placed on a long term arrangement to ensure the greatest security.

Underwriting Appetite

Professional Indemnity

(including an optional combined Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability policy)

$20m costs in addition limits

Nil excesses

Premiums starting at $400 base (plus Stamp Duty, GST and other charges)

Difference in Conditions and Differences in Limits

Extended Continuous Coverage

Optional combined Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability wording available

Management consultants

Including change management, business coaching or mentoring, business process improvement, human resource consultants, communication or public relations consultants, project management of business initiatives (non construction), human resources or most others that you can think of.

FTA declines consultants doing mergers and acquisitions or advising on ownership structures due to the large consequential loss exposure.

Design & Construct

For fit outs, single or multi residential buildings up to 5 stories and some commercial buildings. The following are a decline high rise construction (unless fit out only), silos, bridges, dams, wharves or jetties. No Public & Products liability for this occupation.

Blue collar labour hire

FTA do provide a broad stand alone professional indemnity policy for on hired labour companies that do blue collar on hired but FTA doesn’t provide Public & Products Liability to such companies.

IT Consultants, IT companies

Including software designers are a target occupation for FTA. FTA provide a very broad and customised IT Liability wording.

Recruitment Consultants and White Collar Labour Hire

These are a target profession of FTA’s. We have a very broad wording and highly competitive rates. We have no restrictions on white collar on-hired occupations except midwives and gynaecologists.

Training organisations or consultants

These are a target profession and we can provide broad competitive terms.

Multi media companies

These are target companies for FTA, including companies that do some production activities including digital production.

Bookkeepers, BAS Agents and Tax Agents

(excluding SMSF auditors) and we do write selectively write accountants for our supportive brokers.

Marketing or advertising

Companies or consultants including those that arrange marketing events or advertising.

Food industry consultants

including quality assurance consultants

Real estate agents

can be considered for supportive brokers

Graphic designers, authors, copywriters or editors

Event management companies


Cyber Insurance

Industries FTA have an extremely broad appetite for Cyber risks across a wide variety of occupations and up to a high turnover or income.

Limits up to $5,000,000

Competitive Premiums, particularly for mid to larger size risks

Broad Policy Definitions

Worldwide Coverage

Business & Reputational Interruption 

FTA can provide Cyber Insurance as long as the occupation is not on our decline list: Gambling Industries (including casinos), Credit bureaus, Professional Sports Clubs and associations, Universities, Financial transactions processing, reserve and clearinghouse activities, Non Depository Credit Intermediation, Banking, Telemarketing or Telephone Call Centres, Decline Industries, Agents and Managers for Artists, Athletes, Public Sector Organisations, Music Publishers, Social Media Platforms.

Management Liability

FTA are focused on entities offering white collar professions, occupations or services.

FTA prefers writing primary Management Liability for entities with turnover up to $40m. Above $40m FTA targets excess layers and can follow a variety of primary markets.

Industries that FTA can consider include:

Professional Services

Media (incl. Printing, Publishing, Entertainment)


Services (incl. Community Services, Beauty Therapy)

Associations and sporting clubs

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